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About Clean Credit

100 % removal fee money back guarantee.

How does Clean Credit compare with the competition? Clean Credit prides itself on being Australia’s leading credit repair services company. We monitor our competitors closely to ensure we are always offering the best possible service and value to our clients. Let’s see how Clean Credit stacks up against the others.

Clean Credit can help you achieve your financial dreams. Many people are living in “Credit Prison” and feel trapped right where they are. Imagine if that negative credit listing holding you back could be permanently removed from your credit file. Imagine not ever having to worry about qualifying for finance again. Clean Credit’s credit repair services can help make these goals a reality.

Through our credit repair services our clients look forward to:

  • Improved self confidence with a credit score that better represents them
  • More financial opportunities from being accepted back into the credit economy
  • Excitement from seeing their credit files restored to the highest possible level
  • Acceptance by being approved for the credit they need
  • Security in knowing that emergencies can be addressed less stressfully

What our clients say

  • “They helped me and now i actually have a credit rating”


  • “Brilliant experience! From first call to the last email, I felt that I was a priority and they were actively working on my behalf. Jamil did an outstanding job in getting a successful result. Well done Clean Credit”


    Owen, NSW

  • “I had the pleasure to deal with Jamil, such a professional: great communicator, easy transaction. Thank you for your great help and great service. Much appreciated. 100 stars”


Clean Credit’s Credit Repair Services Offer:

An Obligation-Free Assessment: We’ll take the time to talk with you and fully understand your credit issues.

No Win No Removal Fee: Our removal fee is only applicable if we successfully remove or improve a negative listing from your credit file.

No Credit Impact to Enquire: Enquiring with Clean Credit will not affect your credit rating.

We will be Completely Honest with You: Not all credit issues can be removed and we’ll let you know your options right up front. If we don’t think we can help, we’ll say so.

You are in Control: We will fully explain our process and your options, and only once you are completely happy will we move to the next step.

Clean Credit’s Credit Repair Services Offer:

There seems to be more and more credit repair companies popping up all the time.

While many of these companies claim to be able to remove negative listings such as defaults and judgments, very few fully understand this often highly complex topic. Unfortunately this can lead to people in genuine need being mislead and ill-informed.

Credit repair services is a highly specialised industry. While it is true that a large number of negative credit listings can be permanently removed from a credit file, the truth is that the process requires a significant amount of skill, knowledge and negotiation ability that unfortunately many in the industry just don’t possess.

This is why it is important to select the right credit repair company. People often only get one chance to restore their credit effectively, so dealing with a professional and highly capable operation is imperative in providing the highest possible chance of success.

Clean Credit is made up of passionate individuals that hold the knowledge and expertise required to effectively deal with your credit issues. Clean Credit has helped many Australians, delivering positive outcomes that can help you get back in control of your life and achieve your goals.