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Christmas Gift Ideas that Won't Max Out Your Credit Card

Christmas Gift Ideas that Won’t Max Out Your Credit Card

Christmas gift ideas are hard when you’re trying to stick to a budget.

Christmas gift ideas are hard when you’re trying to stick to a budget. But you can still get your loved ones some good presents without maxing out your cards. Hopefully you’ve set yourself up two things already: one is a budget for how much you can spend on your shopping, and the second is a list of who you’ll be buying for. If possible, keep your list to the necessary people. That’s an easy way to save before you’ve even started. You can go the route of D.I.Y if you have time. If you don’t, you don’t have to buy expensive items when you can get thoughtful or sentimental gifts.

Cheap and Personal Christmas Gift Ideas

Photo prints on everyday items

If you can print a photo, you can go a step or two further and turn it into a cute present that’s both sentimental and useful. You can make an instagram print into a canvas to hang, or you can get mugs and even bedspreads made with your own photos on them. There are many how-to’s on how to make coasters, clocks and fridge magnets with your own prints on them. If you’ve got the time, put together a personalised calendar! If you don’t want to use photos, you can use art or illustrations. The possibilities are nearly endless with this type of gift.

Gadget Accessories

iPhone, Android, iPad and tablet PCs are all customisable and easy to accessorise. Maybe you know someone who’d benefit from a waterproof iPad cover, or a charging station to keep their gadget full of juice when they’re out and about. Charging stations are relatively cheap and getting smaller by the day, as well as coming in cute and interesting designs – so you wouldn’t even realise their purpose. You can always opt for a cool or personalised phone cover that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but will show your giftee that you know what they like.

There’s also Etsy – where you can get custom and unique jewellery, clothes and accessories like belts and wallets for the men in your life. One thing to always keep in mind when brainstorming Christmas gift ideas is what do they need, and will they get the most use out of. Sometimes people prefer to buy certain things for themselves, and having two would be pointless. It would be unfortunate for you and your wallet if you spent big on something that never got used. Steer clear of things that are Christmas themed, as easy as it seems. For each person, think of their biggest hobbies or passions and see how that can be transformed into a Christmas gift idea.

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