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Clean Credit adds Debt Negotiation to its Services.

Clean Credit adds Debt Negotiation to its Services.

Clean Credit has launched a debt negotiation service called Clean Credit Debt Resolutions


Clean Credit has launched a debt negotiation service called Clean Credit Debt Resolutions

Clean Credit is known as Australia’s leading credit repair company, over the years we have helped hundreds of people repair their credit files and move forward with their lives.  Until now our service have been limited to helping people remove negative credit listings such as defaults and judgments from their credit files.

As a part of this process it is common for people to approach our company to help them remove a negative credit listings to also have unpaid creditors.  We often explain to people that even though from a purely legal standpoint a default can be removed even if unpaid given the listing  is found to be faulty or inaccurate the truth is most successful outcomes tend to involve the settlement of the account in some form.

Given we are acting for our clients from credit standpoint this is often the perfect time to negotiate with the creditor in order to achieve a reduced payout.  When we approach a credit provider about removing a negative credit listing such as a payment default it is common for the event to be historic.  In some cases defaults are recorded for up to seven years so it is not uncommon for a debt to be years old also.   In this example many credit providers may have either passed the account to a collection company or internally written the debt off.

As we are used to dealing with credit providers and in many cases have close relationships with them we have been successful in arranging significant reductions for our clients, in some cases these reductions have been as high as 80% however savings of 40 to 60% are common.  Our biggest successes are with unsecured debts such as credit cards debt, personal loans, business loans and trade creditors etc., as a rule of thumb facilities such as mortgages and other secured debts are more difficult as the creditor has an avenue for the recovery of the debts via the possession and sale of the asset.

Below are some of our recent savings for our clients.

Original debt Negotiated payout Time it took % reduction
$    2,613.00 $    300.00 3 weeks 88.52%
$    6,387.00 $  3,900.00 4 weeks 39%
$   30,120.00 $15,000.00 3 weeks 50.20%
$     2,198.00 $  1,300.00 2 weeks 41%
$     1,229.00 $     600.00 3 weeks 51.20%
$     4,447.00 $  2,223.00 1 week 50.10%
$        703.00 $     450.00 2 weeks 36%
$        775.00 $     200.00 1 week 74.20%
$      4,805.00 $   2,500.00 3 weeks 48%
$    25,394.00 $ 10,000.00 3 weeks 60.60%
$    10,065.00 $  5,000.00 1 week 50.30%

Our fees are this service are completely performance based which means that if we are not successful in saving our clients’ money no fees are payable.

There is a real benefit in settling unpaid accounts as left unattended the situation has the potential to spiral out of control with the credit provider or a collection company commencing legal action, other than the cost associated to defending such as action a court judgment will extend the statute of limitations period to 12 years.

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