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Clean credit is within your reachIn just 3 steps you can repair your credit.Read more

Can't get a loan or credit card?

We provide credit repair solutions

NO-effect-on-your-credit-fileNO effect on your credit file
no win no removal fee

*Our no removal, no removal fee means that in the unlikely event that we are unable to remove negative listings, you will be refunded the removal fee. While you still pay the application fee of $330, any unsuccessful removal fees will be refunded, see our full terms and conditions for complete details.

Steps To Credit Repair

Our goal is to assist clients that have bad marks on their credit files

Here’s how it works in 3 EASY steps:

Step 1: Talk to us

Step 1: Talk to us

One of our friendly staff will have a chat with you over the phone to work out whether we have a case against the creditor and tell you what type of success rate you have on achieving the best results.

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Step 2: No-obligation consultation

We will give you an obligation-free complimentary consultation and let you know what grounds you may have to dispute your default(s) or judgement(s).

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Step 3: We act on your behalf

We request information from credit providers, including copies of the notices and the file notes, to investigate if the negative listing has been placed correctly. We use this to identify grounds to remove bad credit listings.

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Defaults we can help remove

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