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Credit Repair Can Be All About Who You Know.

Credit Repair Can Be All About Who You Know.

Removing a default can be all about talking to the right people.


Removing a default can be all about talking to the right people. But in an industry where it can be hard to trust anyone, who can I get credit repair help from?

Have you ever tried to sort out something over the phone with a phone or power company only to be passed from one person to another and ending up nowhere ?  This is particularly relevant when trying to sort out a credit problem such as a payment default.

We know how frustrating this can be an how much time and energy it takes.  This problem is particularly evident with telecommunication companies as many have outsourced their call centres off shore and although generally very friendly the people within these call centres often seem unable or unwilling to actually do anything to resolve a problem, especially when it comes to credit repair.

There is nothing more frustrating than having someone say to you “is there anything else I can do to help” when they have done nothing in the first place.

When it comes to credit repair we find that while many people in these call centres try their best given their sometimes limited understanding on the subject, they are often just unequipped to deal with this often complex topic.  The truth is unless the person in question has a very good understanding of the relevant laws relating to credit reporting and the obligations of a credit provider when recording a negative listing such as a default the chances of effetely resolving the situation can be slim at best, often all that is accomplished is large waste of time and effort.

This is when professional credit repair companies such as Clean Credit can be of great benefit.  Because we talk to these companies every day and have close working relationships with them combined with an intimate understanding of the relevant laws surrounding credit repair we are often able to successfully resolve the situation even when the consumer has previously tried themselves.

The saying “it’s all about who you know” is often the case when it comes to effective credit repair so if you have tried and failed all may not be lost, the services of a professional and ethical credit repair company such as Clean Credit may be just what you need to get your credit file back on track.

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