Fix My Bad Credit Rating

There are over 14 million credit files in Australia and these contain over 3 million negative listings (veda Advantage 2008). These negative listings can give a person a bad credit rating and can significantly impact on your financial options.

Even one negative listing on a credit report has the potential to affect a person’s ability to secure credit for years. The effects of this can be severe and widespread, from the collapse of a business to family breakdowns; not being able to secure credit into today’s world can have disastrous consequences.

The good news is that many of these negative listings can be permanently removed from a credit file, like they never existed.

Many credit providers mark credit files with negative listings without undergoing the proper legal procedures. These illegitimate listings can still cause a bad credit rating, however they can be removed if the proper process is followed. At Clean Credit, we passionately believe in your legal rights and refuse to accept people need to suffer due to other people’s negligence or lack of regard.

Our company specialises in helping people remove negative credit listings from their credit files. We utilise both State and Federal laws, as well as our in-depth understanding of the credit reporting industry.

Take your first steps towards restoring your credit rating and improving your credit score.

For your peace of mind our removal fees are only paid on success

Restoring a person’s credit ratings gives back financial dignity and allows them and their families to move forward with their lives once again. With their bad credit rating fixed, our clients have found that they are able to secure credit and act upon financial opportunities.

Disputable credit listings can take the form of:

  • Payment Defaults
  • Court Judgments
  • Clearouts
  • Overdue accounts
  • Crossed or linked files
  • Multiple identities and more


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