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Fix My Credit Rating with Clean Credit

Have you checked your credit score? Do you have an unexpected default from a telecommunications provider? Were you surprised to see an extremely low credit score?

You’re not alone. Millions of Australians are unaware of their credit score. If you ever missed a repayment or forgot to pay your water bill; you should check your credit score. A low credit score can have a disastrous impact on your ability to secure a loan. If you are one of the millions of Australians with a low credit score. Its time to fix it. Fortunately, credit repair agencies and good money habits exist.

Clean Credit is an industry leader in credit repair. We specialise in removing and improving negative credit listings such as payment defaults or judgments. The positive effects of this process can be felt almost immediately upon the removal or correction of the offending credit item. This is because the person’s credit score may automatically adjust to reflect an increased figure.


Clean Credit request information from the credit providers. The information is used to investigate and identify any grounds to remove the bad credit listing.


Clean Credit prepare a dispute that highlights any errors in the process the credit provider followed when listing your default. Clean Credit will communicate your circumstances at the time and escalate the matter to have your default listing reviewed.


Clean Credit deal directly with credit reporting agencies such as Equifax and Ilion to facilitate the removal or correction of your bad credit rating.

How does it work?

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