Fix My Credit Rating

Effective credit repair is a highly specialised field. An in-depth understanding of the relevant legislation, along with experience in effectively communicating with credit providers and industry ombudsman are vital aspects of reaching a positive result. If you are wondering “how can I fix my credit rating”, then Clean Credit is here to help. With our experienced team and high success rate, we offer our clients the best chance of restoring their credit file.

Fixing your credit rating, in whichever listing that can be fixed, helps improve your credit score. And having a good credit score will allow you to get a better chance of acquiring a home loan, a personal loan or any type of finance, with a better rate as well. If you’ve been rejected from your loan applications lately, it could mean that you may have negative listings on your credit file and your credit score is low due to those listings. So once you fix these listings and your credit score is better, your loan applications will have a better chance of getting approved quickly and with a more competitive interest rate. To apply for your ideal loan at competitive rates, contact our affiliates at

Thinking “fix my credit rating”? – Think Clean Credit

Clean Credit is an industry leader in helping people restore their credit rating. We specialise in removing and improving negative credit listings such as payment defaults or judgements. The positive effects of this process can be felt almost immediately upon the removal or correction of the offending credit item. This is because the person’s credit score will automatically adjust to reflect an increased figure

Fix my credit rating in 4 simple steps

  1. Signing up

The first step to fix your credit rating is to call Clean Credit for a free credit repair consultation. Through this free consultation, our friendly experts will be able to find out more about your situation and identify how we can help.

Before Clean Credit can help restore someone’s credit file there are a few documents that need to be completed:

Application form – this information is required to correctly identify the individual and conduct a credit report

An Authority to Act – this document provides Clean Credit with authorization to communicate directly with the credit provider on behalf of our clients

 The background of the negative credit listing – at this time we gather information from our clients regarding the negative credit listing

Take your first steps towards restoring your credit rating and improving your credit score

  1. Contact with the credit provider

Once we have received this information from our client, contact is made with the credit provider that entered the negative credit listing. In most cases a complete copy of all records that relate to the matter are requested at this point. These records would include a copy of all the notices sent to the customer along with any file notes and phone records.

  1. Investigation

Once these documents are received from the credit provider, Clean Credit conducts a comprehensive investigation into the negative credit listing. This includes applying the relevant legislation to the process the credit provider followed prior to entering the negative credit listing. At this point Clean Credit will often identify an inconsistency in the process followed by the credit provider.

  1. Having the negative credit listing removed from the credit report

Clean Credit deals directly with credit reporting agencies such as Veda Advantage and Dun & Bradstreet in order to facilitate the removal or correction of the negative credit item from the credit report.

It’s hard to provide an absolute time frame for this process, however 95% of our clients will see results within four to six weeks of engaging our services.