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There are many factors and influences that can impact your credit rating. While there are some that cannot be helped, the experts at Clean Credit know many strategies to maximise your credit score.

If the problem is a large number of credit enquiries being recorded on your credit file, the only real cure is time. An enquiry will be recorded for five years, however the relevance of the enquiry from a credit provider’s point of view will diminish over time. In other words, listings made 12 months ago would be seen as less relevant as ones made more recently. If you find yourself not being able to secure credit due to a high volume of credit enquiries, the only thing that you can really do is stop making applications and wait for a period of time for the listings to become historic.

Negative listings such as defaults and judgements are a completely different story. Such listings are almost certainly going to cause real problems when trying to secure credit and will have catastrophic effects on a credit score. In today’s tight credit markets, even a small negative listing such as a missed payment to your phone carrier is enough to stop you in your tracks.

How do I remove negative listings and improve my credit rating?

If you find yourself with a negative listing on your credit file, it is best to remove it as soon as possible. However, this is often easier said than done. This is where Clean Credit can help.

There is a great amount of legislation in place that is designed to protect the consumer in the area of credit reporting. When a credit provider enters a negative listing, such as a default or judgment, they must follow a very strict process in order make the listing legally binding. The truth is that in many cases this process is not followed and as a result the listing can be removed from a credit file.

The process of removing negative listings from a credit file can be very complicated. Luckily Clean Credit is very experienced in this area and know the processes and legislation that can help their clients improve their credit rating. Clean Credit has also built a strong network of credit contacts, allowing them a higher success rate and quicker results.

If you are wondering “how can I improve my credit rating”, then call Clean Credit now and find out. Clean Credit’s credit repair service may be able to help you improve your credit rating and secure more financial opportunities in the future.

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