Clean Credit is an industry leader in credit repair. We specialise in removing and improving negative credit listings such as payment defaults or judgements. The positive effects of credit repair can be felt almost immediately upon the removal or correction of the offending credit item.


step 1


When you call Clean Credit for a free credit repair consultation, our friendly experts will ask you questions about the default listing and your circumstances at the time. Clean Credit will then determine the best way to help you.

We can also obtain your credit history to pick up on things you may have missed.

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Clean Credit requests information from the credit providers, including copies of the notices and the file notes, to investigate whether or not the negative listing has been placed correctly. We use this information to investigate and identify grounds to remove the bad credit listing completely.  

step 3


Clean Credit prepares a dispute, highlighting any errors in the process the credit provider followed when listing your default. We also communicate your circumstances at the time and escalate the matter to have the default listing reviewed.

step 4


Clean Credit deals directly with credit reporting agencies such as Equifax and Illion in order to facilitate the removal or correction of your bad credit rating so you can move on with your life.


95% of our clients will see results within four to six weeks of engaging our services.

Why Should I Fix My Credit Rating?

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