Red Flags You Can Easily Spot With A Credit Check

Why do lenders check credit history? There are items in your credit report that could spell problem when it comes to getting your loans approved. Lenders assess your credit worthiness based on the results of the credit check. It determines how you manage your finances. Negative results can block your chances of getting your loans…


Where is my Credit file stored? What‘s in My Credit File?

Discover where your credit file is stored, its contents and the reasons why you should request for a credit report. Credit file is stored by the country’s credit reporting agencies, such as Veda Advantage and Dun & Bradstreet. These agencies store information about your financial transactions that would affect your credit score. Here are the…


What Your Credit History Says About You

The past is not past when it comes to credit history. Of course, you are not defined by your past but creditors look into it to see if you are credit worthy. So even if you make a resolve to change or you pay off your debt today, that’s not the end of that. When…


Holiday Money Saving Tips

Don’t let the potential cost of a holiday get away dash your dreams of actually going on holiday. Holiday getaways do not have to break the bank, drain your wallet, or tap into your savings and holiday planning shouldn’t stress you or your loved ones out. Keep your spirits up and fun in focus with…


Debt Relief and You

If you are feeling overwhelmed with your monthly bills, multiple loans, and you are even ignoring calls from companies you owe money to, it might be time to consider looking at debt relief. What is debt relief? Debt relief is the restructuring of debt owed by consumer to the credit provider by means of reducing…

saving home loan deposit

Saving for a Home Loan Deposit

Saving for anything is always something you should plan ahead for, especially if you are saving for a home loan deposit. It may seem like a gargantuan task but there are ways for you to make this easy. There are grants and services that are made specifically for the purpose of making savings and entering…

credit cards benefit rating

Credit Cards Can Benefit Credit Rating

Credit cards provide convenience particularly if you have an important purchase that you need to make right away and cash on hand is not available. Having a credit card has a good and bad side. Are you familiar with horror stories related to credit cards? It does not happen all the time but irresponsible credit…

ways to save money for retirees

Ways to Save Money for Retirees

There are a number of ways to save money designed just for retirees. As you go online, you will find surefire ways to save money, there’s just tons of tips and tricks that you can find. But are these really workable and effective? Most retirees receive monthly pension and sometimes the amount of that pension…

avoid default on credit report

Make Sure There’s No Credit Default on Your Report

Having a payment default on your credit report can greatly affect your next loan application. Every credit card holder should be aware of the negative effects of having credit default. Default What is default and how does it happen? Default is a record of missed payments or overdue accounts of more than 30 days based…

discontinuance of bad credit John Dickinson

A Discontinuance is no longer a Discontinuance of Bad Credit

Recently Veda Advantage made the controversial decision to stop removing court judgment listings, even when they have been discontinued with the court. When I first heard this news I didn’t believe it. How could it be possible for a court judgment to remain on a credit file even after the plaintiff had agreed to formally…