Can Your Credit Score Be Affected By Your Card Balance?

Your credit card balance does not only affect the total amount of money you have to repay your creditor, but your credit score as well. Here’s an example: Norman has 5 credit cards. One of his cards has a balance which exceeds 75% of its credit limit while 4 other cards have zero balance. What…

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Factors that Affect Your Credit Rating

How do you restructure your finances, and end up with the best credit rating you can? Or, how can you improve your credit rating, if you are having difficulty with your finances now? So here are tips on how to successfully manage to get a higher credit score: Paying your monthly bills as they fall…


Red Flags You Can Easily Spot With A Credit Check

Why do lenders check credit history? There are items in your credit report that could spell problem when it comes to getting your loans approved. Lenders assess your credit worthiness based on the results of the credit check. It determines how you manage your finances. Negative results can block your chances of getting your loans…


The Importance of Tracking Your Credit Rating

Ever wondered why it is important to track your credit rating? Every Australian has a three-digit score, a credit rating that is calculated by credit reporting bodies (CRBs). This reveals data about your financial history gathered from financial institutions and banks from all over the country. Your credit rating is the first thing a lender…

Partner Credit Rating Effect

Your Partner’s Credit Rating Can Affect You

Picture this: Just like most Aussies out there, a Sydneysider was looking forward to the idea of getting married, and purchasing her dream home with her fiancé. Notwithstanding, when they took the leap and decided to apply for a home loan, her partner’s financial situation appeared to be an impediment in the way. The Sydneysider…

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Money Saving Tips in Financial Year 2016-2017

It’s that time of year again when it’s the ideal time to brush up on your knowledge on money and saving for the fiscal year to come. You may have received a good tax return and you may not think you need these tips for this year. But some people who didn’t really receive a…

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Card Swipers – What Type of Card User Are You?

Even though it may seem odd at first glance, your credit card speaks a lot about your personality. How is this possible? By looking at your credit card history and the features you choose, you can determine plenty of interesting aspects regarding your money habits, lifestyle, and more important, about your susceptibility to bad credit.…

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Risky Direct Debit – How to Avoid It

Nowadays, more and more Australians prefer automated payments, so that direct debit is becoming very popular. Even though they are not new, the risks of this type of debit have increased during recent years. In the category of direct debit risks, specialists include uncertain fees, changes in the terms and conditions and currency rate movements.…