Top Ways to Build Up Your Credit

If creditors keep on denying your loan application because you lack credit then it is time to build it up, even if it means having to start from scratch. Here are some of the top ways to build up your credit: Get a credit card. For starters, pick: Secured credit card Student credit card Retail…


Can Small Payments Affect Your Credit Score?

Carrying a balance on your credit card and paying only the minimum loan payment may or may not negatively impact your credit standing, depending on your situation. Is there a relationship between your credit score and your payments? First, how much you owe on your credit accounts comprises 30% of your Equifax Score. So, if…


DIY Credit Repair Tips

Bad credit can either stall the process of getting a new loan or make it altogether impossible. It can be wiped clean, but first of all, you have to learn the main causes of bad credit: missed payments, bankruptcy, defaults, taking too many loans in a given period of time and failing to pay them…


Is Credit Repair Actually Worth It?

Experiencing difficulties in getting a loan is the best indication that you should focus on a credit repair. If your credit file has a bad history, financial institutions will be reluctant to give you a loan. Even if your business and income are doing great, chances are your loan applications will be rejected in case…


How to Repair Your Credit after Bankruptcy?

Is it possible to get a loan when dealing with a bad credit history? How can you repair your credit? We’ve gathered a list of suggestions that will help you overcome this problem and improve your credit file! In unstable times, managing a business can be tough, and sometimes you have to deal with bankruptcy.…

credit card debt and mortgages

Better Management of Credit Card Debt and Mortgages

Surprisingly not a lot of Australians know how to manage their credit card debt and mortgages. In its 2016 Money Survey, Mortgage Choice found that nearly one quarter of respondents had at least 12 months wages sitting in their offset account or paid off towards their mortgage. By comparison, only 13% of Australians said they…

consumer credit demand increase

Consumer Credit Demand Increase with More Credit Applications

The growth of consumer credit is rapidly increasing in Australia. Credit card loans and personal loan applications are highly patronized these days. It is quite surprising that the number of housing or property demand is slowly dropping. There is a significant decrease of 2.9% since December and it is expected to drop consistently in the…

retire in asia and save

Retire in Asia and Spend Little on Expenses

Where is the best place to retire? In Australia, the cost of living becomes more and more expensive as years go by. Studies show that in 3 decades, the number of retirees is expected to grow three times. Because of the increased day-to-day expenses in Australia, baby boomers find it difficult to stretch their retirement…