When NOT to Opt for a Balance Transfer

Can you always save money on credit card interest with a balance transfer? The answer is, “No”. Sometimes, it’s better not to move your balance because doing so can put you in worse financial condition. Here are examples of circumstances when opting for a balance transfer is a bad move: You have an existing balance…


How to Build Credit After Bankruptcy

If you want to enjoy the benefits of starting with a clean financial slate after bankruptcy, here are ways on how you can rebuild your credit fast. Start with a light debt burden Aside from our credit file, lenders look into your debt to income ration to know if you have sufficient funds to pay…


How to Recover from Identity Fraud

Identity fraud puts you into substantial debt, ruins your credit score and possibly divest you of your medical and retirement benefits. You may also have to face legal problems, especially if your identity was used to perpetuate a crime. It can damage your reputation, ruin your credit opportunities and make it hard for you to…


How To Build Credit Using No Credit Check Loans

When it comes to building your credit, you want to put your best foot forward. That means giving up your old habits and exchanging them into something that would put more money in your pocket. But, just like everything else, these goals are easier said than done. The thing is there are some ways on…


Top Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life

Everyone likes to have a sense of security, but if you do not know how to simplify your financial life, then you might find yourself at a standstill. Having debt on top of more debt simply because you didn’t know how to spend your money isn’t an excuse. If you feel like your finances are…


7 Steps to Eliminating Credit Card Debt

Due to the very attractive option of “sign now, pay later,” more and more people are opting for credit cards. Unfortunately, that is also the easiest way to drown in credit card debts, simply because of the “I can pay that later” mentality. If you don’t get things in check on time, saying “Oops” will…