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save money on groceries

11 Smart Ways To Save Money On Groceries

Grocery shopping is an expense that we all face, but it doesn't have to break the bank. Here are 11 top tips to break free & save money on groceries.

Most of us love eating – it is one of those true joys in life. However, when it comes to shopping each and every week, cooking meals for your family, organising lunches and snacks, and making sure everyone is fed, it can become an expensive chore. In this article, we discuss ways to save money on groceries.

Grocery shopping is a significant expense for many households – and it’s one that you can’t get out of (we all need to eat, right?). Sticking to a budget is never easy, especially when you are set in your habits. If you are looking at breaking free and saving money on groceries, we have some fabulous tips to help you out.

Save Money On Groceries

Believe it or not, there are many ways you can make your grocery shop even more affordable. You just have to be willing to make some changes and commit, and you will see the results in no time. Watch your savings grow with these smart ways to save money on groceries.

1. Shop on a full stomach

Let’s face it, if you shop while hungry you are going to throw everything into the trolley. Your stomach will do the shopping for you, and will give into every craving in every aisle. If you go in with a full stomach, you will turn away at temptations and spend less as a result.

2. Shop online

Not only is this a convenient option, but it allows you to track your spending. You can set yourself with a budget for the week and stick to it by seeing how much is in your cart. You can also shop the specials section and save big without having to search the tags in store.


3. Meal plan

It may seem like a hassle to have to plan out every meal for the week, but it will save you both time and money. This means you can write a list of exactly what you need and stick to it.

4. Check your pantry

Before you even start meal planning, head to your pantry. Have a look at what basics you already have and see if you can turn them into meal ideas. This will keep costs down when it comes to shopping time.

5. Buy seasonal

I know, I know, your kids just love grapes – but when they are out of season they are VERY expensive. If you shop for items that are in season, you will save due to supply and demand. There is plenty of supply of in-season products so the costs to you are lower.

6. Check the unit price

Don’t be tempted to just pick up the cheapest thing you see. Instead – be wise, check the unit price and compare like for like. The cheapest thing is likely the smallest too, and if you compare the unit price, you will save more by buying more. It allows you to check the volume/quantity you get for that price.

7. Buy in bulk

On that note, consider buying in bulk. When you do, you often save overall. Of course, only buy products that you would anyway, such as rice, tissues etc.


8. Look for the specials

If a product you buy each week is on special, consider stocking up and buying a few to save in the long run (assuming it is non-perishable). Take a look through the clearance items and see if you can grab any bargains and substitute out another item you were going to buy that week to save.

9. Don’t overlook no-name brands

Some people won’t even consider shopping for no-name brands, but many of these are in fact made by the brand names and then just given a different label. Try it out and if it is no good, you have learnt for next time. It can’t hurt to try though.

10. Try different grocery stores

Do you have your set shop that you go to every week? It might be time to shop around and check you are getting the best deal. Have a look at the shops people in your local Facebook groups recommend and have a go at shopping there instead. You may be pleasantly surprised.

11. Cut the snacks

This is one of the items that adds up the fastest. Consider cutting down on the amount of snacks, or making them at home yourself. You can make in bulk and freeze for when you need them.


Concluding Notes

There are many smart ways to save money on groceries, you just have to commit yourself. It can take some time to change bad habits, so don’t rush yourself. You will start to notice the savings in no time, and that is a big enough incentive to keep going.

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