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It takes time and experience to fix credit
Many people don't know where to start or their rights when it comes to their credit history. We have the expertise to investigate and repair credit where ever possible.
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If you've got yourself into a pickle, we can help to give your finances a new lease on life. But what is credit repair?
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What is credit repair?


Can't get a loan or credit card?

We provide credit repair solutions

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Credit repair explained

Credit repair is a term used to describe the process of improving an individual’s credit report. This process is achieved through the removal or adjustment of incorrect negative credit listings from a person’s credit file. Cleaning up these listings may improve a person’s credit score, which is a score that is checked by credit lenders when someone applies for a loan.

With a better credit score, a person has a greater chance of securing a loan as they are deemed as more responsible borrowers. Another benefit of a clean credit file is the ability to obtain a loan with a lower interest rate.

What is my credit score?

A credit score is a score-based number that represents the information contained within your credit report. It is used by credit providers to asses whether you are a risky borrower. The higher the score the better and the more likely you are considered to be able to repay any credit borrowed, so more chance that you will be approved for a loan. To understand your credit score, you must be aware of the factors that impact your credit score.

Benefits of good credit

  • Improve your credit score:The removal of a negative listing from your credit report may increase your credit score
  • Secure credit: Lenders will assess your credit score to see whether or not you are a risky borrower. If your credit score is high, you will be more likely to secure a loan or finance in the future.
  • Adopt positive long term financial habits: With a Clean Credit, you can look forward to a fresh start. This ties in with smart financial habits. We encourage financial responsibility. Check out our budget planner here…

*see our full terms and conditions for details.

ongoing credit support

Long term credit repair support

Our goal at Clean Credit is to make sure that all our clients vastly improve their credit file; whilst developing positive financial behaviours. For most of our clients, this is achieved through the removal of an offending negative credit listing. If you improve your credit score, you must develop positive long term financial habits, as you do not want any more defaults on your credit file.

Fortunately, we believe that the journey to financial success is not one that you need to do on your own. That’s why we’re determined to help you stay on track.If you’re still wondering “what is credit repair?” then it is the process of removing negative listings from your credit file so you can apply for finance with confidence. Having a clean credit file can make such a huge difference to your life and put you back in control of your finances. It can greatly improve your chances of getting loans approved and also help you to take advantage of lower interest rates.

Our learn page provides you with access to a range of helpful tips and tricks that will help you better understand how to adopt positive financial behaviours. Learn all about credit repair, how to save money and how to start a budget online.

credit repair legislation icon

Clean Credit is up to date with all the relevant legislation

The Australian Credit Reporting system has changed over time. As credit repair specialists, we are completely up-to-date with the new Comprehensive Credit Reporting system. With this expertise, our friendly team know the best methods to repair your credit rating and improve your credit score. We have helped many Australians repair their credit ratings, allowing them to once again secure financial credit and regain control of their lives.

What is credit repair: FAQ's

At Clean Credit, we are confident in our high level of credit repair service. In saying so, there are credit repair agencies that are not reputable and trustworthy. In order to assess whether an agency is trustworthy, there are a few things to look out for. These include;

  • Company ABN: See if the company has an ABN. This should be visible on the company’s website.
  • Honesty and transparency with fees: Is the company transparent and upfront with their pricing? Read the Terms and Conditions before you commit to any support. 
  • Reviews: Does the company have any third party reviews? Check Trustpilot to see the experiences of other customers. The company must be respected and valued by the most important people – its customers.

The first step to cleaning your credit is establishing whether or not you have a default on your credit file. Fortunately, there are various ways in which you can check your credit file.

  • Request your credit file from credit bureaus such as Equifax or Ilion.
  • Alternatively, for a small fee; Clean Credit can assess your credit file and let you know of any defaults or negative listings.

If you have a credit issue, it is easy to apply for credit repair with Clean Credit. Simply fill out our online enquiry form. If you prefer to chat over the phone, call us on 1300 015 210

For more information on what is credit repair, visit our How It Works page.

From a legal point of view, there is no association between closing an account and the removal of a default. Paying off an account with a default will not remove the default from your credit report. Unfortunately, all your details regarding the closed account will remain on your credit file for lenders and credit bureaus to access. For more information on this, check out our article on paying off accounts with a default.

It takes time to rebuild bad credit. Credit repair does vary from person to person. Whilst immediate improvements are possible it is important to be patient with the repair process. A good credit score ties very closely with positive financial habits. That’s why you must ensure that you keep on track with your finances and don’t fall behind, particularly if you have spent money on repairing your credit score.

Learn more about credit repair

||Is it Ethical To Remove A Negative Credit Listing?||
Credit Repair

Is it Ethical to Remove a Negative Credit Listing?

The question “should I help my client restore their credit rating?” is a highly contested one. From a credit providers perspective these are understandable concerns as the removal of a negative credit listing could be viewed as an attempt to mask the applicant’s true financial position and not allow them to apply an appropriate risk rating. 

My Credit File: A Life-Long Investment
Credit File & Report

My Credit File: A Life-Long Investment

Many people may wonder, “how important is my credit file?” Your credit file is among the first documents that most lender goes through before approving loans or credit. Your credit file will contain your credit score.


There are over 14 million credit files in Australia and these contain over 3 million negative listings (Veda Advantage 2008).

Even one negative listing on a credit report has the potential to affect people’s ability to secure credit for years.  The affects of this can be severe and wide spread, from the collapse of a business to family breakdowns, not being able to secure credit into today’s world can have disastrous consequences.

The good news is many negative listings can be permanently removed from a credit file, like they never existed.

Having negative credit listings such as defaults removed from a credit file can be achieved by identifying faults and errors with the credit listing or the process followed by the credit provider.

Few people realise that credit providers are bound by law to follow a very strict process before they are able to record a negative credit item.  This process includes

Knowledge is the key, the key to repairing a credit file is having knowledge of the laws and legislation surrounding credit reporting and an understanding the process a credit provider must follow, armed with this information many negative credit listings can be permanently removed from a credit file.

Unfortnitly there is no magic built bullet with credit repair however it is common for find errors and inconsistencies with negative credit listings and given this is the case they can be permanently removed from a credit file.