3 Alternatives To No Credit Check Personal Loans

3 Alternatives To No Credit Check Personal Loans

Lenders usually check your credit to know your creditworthiness. That’s why borrowers opt for “no-credit-check personal loans” when traditional lenders turn them down.

Lenders usually check your credit to know your creditworthiness. That’s why borrowers opt for “no-credit-check personal loans” when traditional lenders turn them down.

Not all lenders that do not check your credit file charge exorbitant interest rates. Others offer favorable terms of payment with full consideration of the borrower’s ability to pay back the loan. They usually require financials such as regular paycheck and bank account records.

So, how can a borrower avoid default or rolling over to much affordable loans? If you want to avoid getting trapped in a cycle of debt, here are alternatives to no-credit-check personal loans:

1) Small dollar loans from credit unions

If your credit is poor and you don’t want to take the risk of applying for no credit check personal loans, you can try applying for loans in your credit union. They may work with you in coming up with affordable payment terms. You can also use their starter loans to build your credit rating. But because of the small amount of money that credit unions offer, some borrowers opt for the next option: alternative financing companies online.

2) Online lenders

There are a few online lenders offering easy-to-pay loans to borrowers with poor credit. They may consider your monthly income, assets and business in approving your loan applications. It often takes the form of a personal loan with an interest lower than a traditional high-interest loan from a no-credit-check lending company.

3) Grow your credit score first

If you have other sources of cash, like an emergency fund or personal loans from family and friends, you can work on understanding and growing your credit score first. There are ways to improve your credit score in order for you to qualify for favorable rates and terms from financing companies, when the need arises.  Aside from paying your bills on time, keeping your utilization ratio at a minimum and getting rid of multiple credit cards, there’s such thing called, “credit repair”. And that’s what Clean Credit offers.

Why Hire Clean Credit?

Nowadays, people create a shorter to-do list to get more important stuff done and enjoy more quality time with the people they love. But when you have a bad credit, your to-do lists are only getting longer, because of the need to repair your credit, especially when there are erroneous entries that cause it. This is the reason people choose Clean Credit!

Top 10 Reasons People Choose Clean Credit

  1. Clean Credit is reliable and trustworthy
  2. Clean Credit is affordable.
  3. They help improve your self-confidence with a credit score that better represents you
  4. They have excellent customer service. Their staffs are approachable, understanding, and enthusiastic listeners.
  5. Clean Credit has knowledgeable, skilled and experienced staffs that are capable of effectively dealing with your credit issues.
  6. Clean Credit use tested and proven credit repair process.
  7. They learn your financial needs quickly.
  8. Clean Credit complies with government regulations and updated industry practices

Contact Clean Credit today!

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