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Even if you pay a tax debt, it, a court judgment can remain on your credit history and affect your ability to borrow.
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Credit repair example: Stephen's court judgment

Stephen had a Court Judgment to the Australian Tax Office due to a past business that was unsuccessful. 

Stephen had the funds to pay the amount owed however the Judgment Listing on his credit file was causing real problems. It meant suppliers to his new business wouldn’t offer him an account and he was forced to pay on delivery.

This was making the running of his business very difficult. This Judgment Listing had lowered Stephen’s credit score to 494.

Incorporating the payment of the account, Clean Credit was able to arrange for the matter to be discontinued with the court and have the Judgment Listing removed from Stephen’s credit file. 

Armed with a credit file clear of any negative listings and a credit score of 683, he was able to arrange accounts with his suppliers, which made the running of his business a lot easier.

stephens tax office court judgement
Before Clean Credit
Increased risk: 494
After Clean Credit
Reduced risk: 683

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