Jenny’s three defaults

Jenny’s Three Defaults

When Jenny came to Clean Credit she had three defaults on her credit file, two with banks and one with an appliance rental company. During 2009 when these three defaults occurred, Jenny became quite ill and fell behind with her payments. These defaults had a disastrous effect on her credit file, lowering her credit score to 514. Jenny recovered from her illness, however she now found herself unable to secure finance.


Clean Credit negotiated with all three credit providers and arranged for the three default listings to be removed from Jenny’s credit file. This had the immediate effect of increasing Jenny’s credit score by 287 points to 801. With a clean credit file and an increased credit score Jenny was free to secure finance again.


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What our clients say

  • “I needed a small working capital local to sustain my small Business but the banks wouldn’t take me on due to my low Credit score. These guys just said no problem! It was a done deal.”

    Owen, NSW
  • “Clean credit have successfully removed listed defaults from my Credit File, couldn’t be happier. Very professional and explained everything with clarity. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

  • “Morning Jamil,

    Hope you’re doing well and had a nice weekend.

    It’s such great news to hear that (credit score jumped from 274 to 629). It’s amazing that you guys still managed to get it sorted in a short period of time.

    Thanks very much.”

  • “Lachlan was great! He worked quickly and kept me up to date! I will definitely be recommending Lachlan and the team at Clean Credit to my friends and family.”

    Jade, QLD
  • “You have really relieved a lot of stress, thank you so much. I know a lot of work and time went into this and it is most appreciated.”

    Shane, VIC
  • “Ed, Really appreciate all your work mate. Will recommend you to lots of people. Very good man, well worth the money. Thank you very much. ~Ben”

    Ben, WA