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Divorce can be devastating for your credit rating
Separation and divorce are one of the most common times you can suffer in terms of your credit score.
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Credit repair example: James' court judgment

James separated from his wife in 2016 and moved out of the family home. His ex-wife neglected payment on the Mortgage and Council rates and ignored the mail, resulting in two Default Judgments being made against the both of them by the bank and local council respectively.

James’ credit score dived to 201.

50% chance of adverse recorded at Equifax in the next 12 months.

Clean Credit was able to arrange for both matters to be set aside with the Courts, and both Court Judgments were deleted from James’ credit file. His credit score increased to 559 and he was able to move on with his life after the Divorce.

James’ credit score increased to 559

8% chance of adverse recorded at Equifax in the next 12 months.

James divorce court judgement credit repair
Before Clean Credit
Increased risk: 201
After Clean Credit
Reduced risk: 559

This scenario is an example based upon previous customer journeys, but not any specific customer. Image is a model for illustrative purposes.

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