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What is credit repair?

Credit repair at Clean Credit

Clean Credit specialises in credit repair. Credit repair is a term used to describe the improvement of an individual’s credit report. This is achieved through the removal or adjustment of negative credit listings from a person’s credit file. These removals will improve…

How Does Credit Repair Work?

You may be wondering, “how does credit repair work?” While there are many ways to deliver effective credit repair, success is often achieved by identifying inconsistencies in the process undertaken by credit providers prior to entering a negative credit listing on a credit report. There is significant consumer protection in place…

How To Fix My Credit Rating

100% removal fee money back guarantee. See Terms & Conditions Fix My Credit Rating Effective credit repair is a highly specialised field. An in-depth understanding of the relevant legislation, along with experience in effectively communicating with credit providers and industry ombudsman are vital aspects of reaching a positive result. If you are wondering “how can I…

Why Should I Fix My Credit Rating?

If you haven’t already experienced it, the result of having a negative listing on your credit file, even something seemingly small such as a misunderstanding with your phone carrier, can have devastating effects. A poor credit rating can mean refusal of credit for everything from home loans to simple…

Fix Your Bad Credit Rating with Clean Credit

100% removal fee money back guarantee. See Terms & Conditions Fix My Bad Credit Rating There are over 14 million credit files in Australia and these contain over 3 million negative listings (veda Advantage 2008). These negative listings can give a person a bad credit rating and can significantly impact on your financial options. Even one…

Being In Credit Reporting Prison

The Secret Society of Australia’s Credit Reporting I have heard of Australia’s credit reporting system described as a secret society. Certainly there is a general lack of understanding of how it operates and often people go through life blissfully unaware that each time they apply for any sort of finance, or are late making a…

Ethical Credit Repair

An Ethical Perspective: Is it Ethical to Remove a Negative Credit Listing? The question “should I help my client restore their credit rating?” is a highly contested one. From a credit provider’s perspective, there are understandable concerns. The removal of a negative credit listing could be viewed as an attempt to mask the applicant’s true…

Getting Ahead After A Credit Default

Even the smallest negative listing on a credit report can have devastating results when trying to secure credit. Given the current financial markets, many credit providers have become highly risk adverse and even one small credit issue such as a late payment on a phone account can make things…

How Do Credit Enquiries Lead To Credit Declines ?

Problematic Credit Enquiries You decide you would like a new credit card but you’re not sure who has the best deal so you jump online and have a look around. You want to hedge your bets and make sure you get approval for a card, so…

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  • “I needed a small working capital local to sustain my small Business but the banks wouldn’t take me on due to my low Credit score. These guys just said no problem! It was a done deal.”

    Owen, NSW
  • “Clean credit have successfully removed listed defaults from my Credit File, couldn’t be happier. Very professional and explained everything with clarity. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

  • “Morning Jamil,

    Hope you’re doing well and had a nice weekend.

    It’s such great news to hear that (credit score jumped from 274 to 629). It’s amazing that you guys still managed to get it sorted in a short period of time.

    Thanks very much.”

  • “Lachlan was great! He worked quickly and kept me up to date! I will definitely be recommending Lachlan and the team at Clean Credit to my friends and family.”

    Jade, QLD
  • “You have really relieved a lot of stress, thank you so much. I know a lot of work and time went into this and it is most appreciated.”

    Shane, VIC
  • “Ed, Really appreciate all your work mate. Will recommend you to lots of people. Very good man, well worth the money. Thank you very much. ~Ben”

    Ben, WA