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Paid your default but credit rating low?
Even if you've paid a default, it may still be affecting your credit rating.
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Paid a default but can't get credit?

Credit repair example: Tammy's paid default

Tammy had a paid default to a utility company that was listed in 2011. 

The default amount was only small and had been paid, however the listing had lowered her credit score to 427.

Tammy and her husband wanted finance for a home renovation but this small paid default was getting in the way. Her bank said unless default was removed they would not be able to help.

In just two weeks we arranged for this paid default to be removed from Tammy’s credit file. 

With this default removed her credit score increased 284 points to 711. With the default removed, her bank had no problem approving finance for her renovation.

paid default affecting credit score
Before Clean Credit
Increased risk: 427
After Clean Credit
Reduced risk: 711

This scenario is an example based upon previous customer journeys, but not any specific customer. Image is a model for illustrative purposes.

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