Credit listing removal – Jason’s case study

Jason had a Court Judgment listing on his credit report to a utility company and he was searching for credit listing removal company to help him out.  This happened due to a misunderstanding when he moved from one address to another.  Jason was not even aware that money still owed on the old account.  He became aware of this only when he received a letter from the court saying that a Judgment had been awarded. Jason is self employed and he could not afford to have a listing on his credit report.  This listing has lowered Jason’s credit score to 534

Clean Credit was able to arrange to have this have re-heard in the court and set aside.  With the Judgment set aside we were able to have the listing removed from Jason’s Veda Advantage and Dun & Bradstreet credit reports.  With this listing removed Jason’s credit score moved from 534 to 922, that’s an increase of 388 points in just four weeks.