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Previous default phone bill chasing you?
Let's face it, it's easy to lose track of bills, and even if you pay it, it can still affect your credit score.
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Can't get a loan or credit card?

We provide credit repair solutions

NO-effect-on-your-credit-fileNO effect on your credit file
no impact on your credit score

Remove a past defaults to improve credit

Credit repair example: Kim's past default

When Kim came to Clean Credit she had a payment default to a telecommunication company. This past default was listed in 2018 and had lowered her credit score to 493. Kim was trying to refinance her home loan but because of this past default her bank would not approve her finance application.

Clean Credit arranged for this past default to be removed from Kim’s credit file, which increased her credit score by 161 points to 654. With a clean credit file and a new credit score of 654 Kim was able to secure the finance she needed

kims past default removed to improve her credit score
Before Clean Credit
Increased risk: 493
After Clean Credit
Reduced risk: 654

This scenario is an example based upon previous customer journeys, but not any specific customer. Image is a model for illustrative purposes.

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Remove Judgements from My Credit File

Remove Judgements from My Credit File

If you have unpaid defaults, it will be marked on your credit file or result in court judgements. Not making minimum payments on your credit card or missing payment schedules for loans without speaking to the company or lender about coming to some payment arrangement for payment could damage your credit score

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Credit Repair - Another Perspective
Credit Restoration

Credit Repair – Another Perspective

I recently read an article about how the Australian Retail Credit Association (ARCA) had launched a fact sheet on how people could repair their own credit files if they felt an incorrect or contestable listing has been made against them. As the director of a credit repair company, the only thought I had while reading this information was “if only it was that simple”.

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