What Are Credit Providers
Credit Providers

What Are Credit Providers?

Learn what are credit providers, what are the different types and how they can impact you. Read our blog and find answers to your financial questions!

The 5 Biggest Credit Card Mistakes
Credit Cards

The 5 Biggest Credit Card Mistakes

To avoid finding yourself in trouble, borrowing money requires strong willpower and a cautious spending habit. Learn the 5 biggest credit card mistakes here.

Why Do Hard Enquiries Hurt Your Credit
Credit File & Report

Why Do Hard Enquiries Hurt Your Credit?

Even if you’re a perfect borrower who always makes loan repayments on time, hard credit enquiries will still drag your credit score down. Find out how and why.

How to Get Rid of a Court Judgment
Credit File & Report

How to Get Rid of a Court Judgment

Failing to pay off unpaid bills can land you in a sticky situation. Fortunately, there are solutions. Read on to learn how to get rid of a court judgment.

Top 6 Tips To Avoid Bad Credit
Bad Credit

Top 6 Tips To Avoid Bad Credit

Having bad credit can make life hard. From difficulty getting a phone contract to high interest rates for loans. Learn these key tips to avoid bad credit.

Credit Rating & Score

What Affects Your Credit Score?

Being held back by your bad credit score? Learn what affects your credit score and how you can use it to your advantage. Find the answers here.

what is a credit file?
Credit File & Report

What Is A Credit File?

A Credit rating has such a huge impact on our lives, but so little is known about it. Learn what is a credit file, what info is stored and how it affects you.

Mother's Day gifts on a budget
Latest News

Mother’s Day Gifts On A Budget

Looking to spoil your Mum without denting the bank account? We’ve broken down the top 11 Mother’s Day gifts on a budget so you can find some inspo & also save!

what is bad credit
Bad Credit

What Is Bad Credit?

Wondering what is bad credit and how it affects you? Bad credit is a bigger deal than you might think. Learn everything you need to know here…

what is a credit default
credit listings

What Is A Credit Default?

Do you have a credit default? Are you worried you might receive one? Find out what is a credit default, how you can avoid them and what to do if it’s too late.

personal loans vs credit cards

Personal Loans Vs Credit Cards

The personal loans vs credit cards debate has been argued about for years. We break down both types of finance to conclude which option you should go for…

best money saving apps australia

Best Money Saving Apps Australia

Do you find it hard to saving money? Are you looking for a simple solution to help you? We break down our top 3 best money saving apps Australia!

how often does your credit score change
Credit Rating & Score

How Often Does Your Credit Score Change?

Your credit score can be very fragile. The slightest mistake and your score could plummet. But how often does your credit score change? Find out here.

How do no credit check loans work
Credit File & Report

How Do No Credit Check Loans Work?

Got bad credit but need a loan? There’s a solution in the form of no credit check loans. Keep your credit hidden. How do no credit check loans work? Learn here!

what is a good credit score
Credit Rating & Score

What Is A Good Credit Score?

Ranging from poor to excellent, your credit score is the difference between getting a loan and being rejected. Learn what is a good credit score here!

tips to improve credit score
Credit Rating & Score

5 Tips to Improve Credit Score

Read these 5 simple tips to improve credit score. It’s faster & easier than you might think to get back on track & take control of your finances. Find out here!

what is a credit check
Credit File & Report

What Is A Credit Check?

If you’ve taken out a mobile phone contract or applied for finance before then it’s likely that you’re familiar with this term. But what is a credit check?

what is a default judgment in court
Credit Restoration

What Is A Default Judgment In Court?

If you fail to meet the terms of a credit agreement then debt recovery in the form of a default judgment in court may be launched against you. Find solutions…

what is the statute of limitations

What Is The Statute Of Limitations?

Unpaid business invoices have to be recovered within a certain time period. Don’t risk forfeiting the payment altogether. Learn how it works in Australia…

how to check your credit score
Credit File & Report

How To Check Your Credit Score

Find out how to check your credit score here. It’s fast & easy and being aware of it puts you in the drivers seat when applying for finance!

Credit Rating & Score

Does Afterpay Affect Your Credit Rating?

The introduction of shop now, pay later technology has been revolutionary in how many retailers offer payment for their products and services. It has been

what is comprehensive credit reporting
Credit File & Report

What Is Comprehensive Credit Reporting?

Introduced in 2018, positive credit reporting gives lenders more information about your credit history. We explain what comprehensive credit reporting is and how it affects you here,

the credit repair steps follow the journey
Credit File & Report

The Credit Repair Steps – Follow The Journey

Follow the journey of a client who needed a loan, but had a bad credit rating. The steps towards credit repair are easier than you might think. Here, we tell the story of what steps to take if you find yourself with a bad credit history.

how to save money on a low income

Save money on a low or reduced income

We all want to save money so that we can plan a better future for ourselves. We have various goals such as traveling, buying a car, purchasing our dream home – but when we have a relatively low income, this might seem impossible.

Does Checking My Own Credit Score Hurt It?
Credit File & Report

Do Credit Inquiries Damage Your Credit Score?

If you’re wondering whether or not credit inquiries can lower your credit score, the answer is ‘it depends’. While a soft inquiry will not affect your credit rating, hard inquiries can. Here’s why.

Make Sure There’s No Credit Default on Your Report
Credit File & Report

Avoid defaults on your credit report

Having a payment default on your credit report can greatly affect your next loan application. Every credit card holder should be aware of the negative effects of having credit default.

||Starting Over After Defaults||
Credit File & Report

How To Avoid Getting A Default

It’s easy to lose control of your finances, but don’t let it affect your credit score. Late/missing repayments can leave you in a sticky situation when it comes to borrowing money. Find out how to avoid getting a default on your credit file.

does buy now pay later affect credit score?
Credit Rating & Score

CommBank & Klarna: Shop-now-pay-later can affect your credit score

Online shopping has taken over in the past decade as more and more people escape onto the internet for their everyday shopping needs. You can have everything delivered to you at the click of a button, from the comfort of your couch. This is even easier now that Commonwealth Bank has partnered up with Klarna. But does Shop Now Pay Later Affect your Credit Score? It makes shopping more exciting but comes with risk

how does credit repair work
Credit Rating & Score

Credit Repair – How Does it Work in Australia?

Credit repair is a term used to describe the process of improving an individual’s credit report. This can be achieved through the removal or adjustment of incorrect negative credit listings from a person’s credit file. Credit repair is a possibility in Australia, but first, it’s important to understand what could have damaged your rating in the first place.

||the side effects of having bad credit||

The Side Effects Of Having Bad Credit

Are you always maxing out your credit card? Do you let your bills pile up? It can be easy to do but unfortunately this activity can have a detrimental effect on your credit report. A poor credit rating might not seem like a big deal, but lenders will view any negative listings on your credit report as a red flag.

how to manage post-festive debt

3 Ways To Manage Post-Festive Debt

The holiday season is an expensive time of year. Many Aussies resort to credit to get by, but this often results in a lingering debt hangover. A recent study by Finder revealed that 37% of Aussies will still be repaying their Christmas debt in 2020. Carrying a high amount of debt can damage your credit score

importance of a credit score
Credit Rating & Score

Why Is My Credit Rating Important to a Lender?

How many of us really know what credit rating is? Yes, we hear a lot about it when we open our bank accounts or we read about it in an article but we still have little to no idea as to how it can affect us, how to manipulate it and why it is so important to our lender.

how to rebuild bad credit
Credit File & Report

How do you rebuild bad credit?

With Christmas on the horizon, there is much “talk” of the tendency of many people to go into debt for the holiday. Obviously, overspending is a serious concern, especially as it can lead to bad credit. But what if you already have bad credit? How do you rebuild a bad credit score? Is there such a thing?

ways to earn extra cash this summer

10 ways to earn extra cash this summer holiday

The end of the year is always a busy time and it’s no secret that the holidays can leave us feeling a little strapped for cash. These Summer holidays, why not pick up a side hustle and see if you can bring in some extra money to help you make those ends meet?

are credit repair services legitimate
Credit Repair

Are credit repair services legitimate?

Whether we’re down on your luck for a little bit, or got a bit careless with your finances, bad credit isn’t the be-all and end-all. But there are times where you have marks made against your name without being aware you had done anything wrong.

new year financial goals

How to setup new year financial goals

With only a few weeks until the start of 2020, now is probably a good time for you to decide upon one or more New Year financial goals that you feel is/are realistic and perfectly achievable. Whether you are in a strong place financially or are struggling, it would be great to put in place at least one such goal that you can maintain

overspending on credit card

Why You Should Stop Overspending On Credit Cards

Stepping up into the world of credit cards is an exciting milestone that we often aren’t prepared for. It’s also a big adjustment. While most of us have an idea of how the credit card works before we dive in, it can be all too easy to get carried away or step back from responsible spending.

difference between hard and soft credit enquiries

The Difference Between Hard And Soft Credit Enquiries

Before you go ahead and take out a loan – whatever type it may be – it is important to shop around and make sure you are getting the best deal. Once you decide to apply for a credit product, whether that is a credit card, a loan, or a utilities application, then a credit enquiry is recorded on your file.

||tips for avoiding post festive debt||

Tips to avoid post-festive debt

Christmas is notoriously expensive, and costs can start piling between end of year celebrations and Christmas shopping. Those without enough cash saved will often resort to credit to tide them over. But this can result in a post-festive debt hangover that lingers well into the new year.

what happens if you default on your credit
Credit Rating & Score

What Happens If You Default On Your Credit Card?

A credit card can be of so much significance in your life and can also be part of what brings you misery in life. The choice is yours. If you happen to make use of your credit cards wisely, then you will be happy to use them.