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How to fix your credit rating with Clean Credit


Can't get a loan or credit card?

We provide credit repair solutions

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What's the story with your credit score?

The importance of a credit score

It may be reassuring to know that you're not alone. As a matter of fact, millions of Australians are unaware of their credit score. So what is it, how can it impact you and how can we fix your credit score?

If you are wondering how to fix your credit ratingyou need to first understand how your credit score is calculated. A credit score is a number that represents the state of your credit file. This number is used by creditors such as banks or alternative lenders to assess your creditworthiness. In other words, your credit score can help creditors determine whether or not you are capable of repaying back a loan. Now you are aware of what a credit score is, let’s see how it can impact your ability to get a loan.

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Credit repair example: Steve's car loan application


Steve has been trying to buy a new car for the past 6 months. Two years ago, he was temporarily unemployed. During this time he missed a few electricity bills. It was extremely difficult to manage his finances. After trying to apply for a car loan, Steve was rejected.

The lenders had informed Steve, that his credit score was really low. Steve eventually checked his credit score, to realise that he had 2 defaults on his file. One was from an electricity provider, and the other from a telecommunications company. 

When assessing his loan application, the lenders had noted his defaults. This had dragged his credit score down. In the eyes of the lenders, Steve was considered a risky borrower. Unfortunately, Steve was unable to secure finance.

However, just as he was about to give up, Steve found a solution. After hearing about Clean Credit from a friend, they were able to explain how to fix your credit rating and managed to remove all negative listings from his file so he could apply for finance again!

A low credit score can make it harder to secure a loan

It can become really easy to miss a payment. Sadly, all that takes is one late missed repayment to lead to a default. So, if have ever missed a payment for over 90 days, it may be time to check your credit score.  A low credit score can have a disastrous impact on your ability to secure a loan. Fortunately, we are credit repair experts who can fix your credit rating fast.

Is there a default on your credit file? Learn how to fix your credit rating:

Don’t panic. A default listing is not the end of the world. The first step to repairing your credit is understanding why your credit score is low. A credit repair agency can quickly assess your credit file to establish what is affecting your credit score. It is important to reach out to a trusted credit repair agency.

Clean Credit provides a completely transparent service. Our credit repair specialists will view your credit file with you and communicate any areas of concern. From here, we offer a tailored service to help you find the credit fix solutions that you need. Our high success rate speaks for itself, so let us help to fix your credit score so that you can be approved for loans again.

Part 1 - How to fix your credit rating: Enquire with us

Clean Credit Pty Ltd is a trusted and transparent company specialising in credit repair. Our goal is to remove and improve negative credit listings such as loan and credit card defaults, court judgments or black marks on your credit file.

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Clean Credit requests information from the credit providers. The information is used to investigate and identify any grounds to remove the bad credit listing.

Step 1: Talk to us


A dispute is prepared to highlight any errors in the process the credit provider followed when listing your default. We clearly communicate your circumstances at the time and escalate the matter to have your default listing reviewed. Following this, we can go on to fix your credit score in the event of a successful dispute.

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Clean Credit deal directly with reporting agencies such as Equifax and Ilion to facilitate the removal or correction of your bad credit rating. In many circumstances, we are able to fix your credit score in as little as 30 days.

Part 2 - How to fix your credit rating: Develop good money habits

develope good money habits for a good credit score

While we fix credit, long term repair is a two-part process. 

Once you have successfully improved your score, you must ensure that you don’t fall back into bad habits. Before considering how to fix your credit rating, it is crucial to ensure that you will not fall back into the same trap again.

The last thing that you want is another default. For this reason, you must learn how to develop positive money habits, particularly around budgeting, saving and increasing your income. 

Check out our blog page for a range of tips and tricks on how to stay in control of your finances.

What do our customers say?

Testimonials are 100% genuine, however the images of the clients are models for confidentiality and illustrative purposes.

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