Confessions of the Extreme Savers

Confessions of the Extreme Savers

Living in today’s economy isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Housing prices are typically on the rise, while grocery shopping seems to leave you with a deep hole in your pocket

Living in today’s economy isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Housing prices are typically on the rise, while grocery shopping seems to leave you with a deep hole in your pocket. On that account, we’d like to share with you a bunch of secrets from a range of extreme savers, and how they manage to save up. Prepare yourself, as some of the hacks you’re about to get acquainted with are equally surprising and disturbing – some even gross.

Extreme Savers’ Stories

Cheap consumption

It appears that the loose change menu at McDonald’s isn’t cheap enough, to some savvy savers. One individual posted on Reddit about the way in which their mother would save money, by bringing her own cheese to Maccas, for preparing her cheeseburger. Meanwhile, other people have confessed that they would bring their fizzy drink can, for the same purpose – of saving a couple of bucks.

Other extreme savers made a different confession. A particular individual admitted to having embraced fasting on Fridays. An equally weird saving scenario is the following – a woman benefited from the option of free refills, at her regular coffee shop. She honestly admitted having taken her Starbucks cup to the coffee shop for two weeks straight. Once the cup started to fall apart, she had to get another one and start the process all over again.

Dodgy offers

One man acknowledged cheating the system to obtain cheap offers. While the greater majority of people turn to making fake IDs for pretending they are older than they really are, some extreme savers take a slightly different approach. It would appear that laminating a fake ID to obtain children’s discounts is an excellent way to save money. Nonetheless, this isn’t the ideal plan, as a man was caught at a ski resort, and he was required to pay for the difference in front of everyone. It appears that trying to pass as a 17-year-old isn’t a viable alternative if you cannot pull off the look.

Hygiene hacks

Moving on to the area where extreme savers tend to adopt a range of disturbing habits. An individual officially confessed on Reddit that he had been using a particular disposable razor for no less than six months. Another person admitted having worn a set of contact lenses for over 2 months, even though they could only be used for 2 weeks. However, we’re just getting started, as it gets worse than that – a woman said she stopped purchasing sanitary pads and tampons as a means to save money. Alternatively, she would use toilet paper, wrapped in a makeshift pad.

Some people don’t think that using a deodorant is a necessity, especially as it isn’t really the cheapest product. An extreme saver shared a tip on how to save on your deodorant. By scraping the deodorant with the knife, and applying the product with their hands, one made the product last for an extra month. According to the saver’s confession, the amount of deodorant hiding in the applicator holes is astounding.

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