DIY Credit Repair Kit

Is There a Thing as DIY Credit Repair That REALLY Works?

Have you ever wondered if you can repair your own credit score ? Are you actively searching for companies that can help remove your defaults? Whilst some companies offer a 100% guarantee removal, this is not the case.

Have you ever wondered if you can repair your own credit score ? Are you actively searching for companies that can help remove your defaults? Whilst some companies offer a 100% guarantee removal, this is not the case.

Why is it important to Repair My Credit?

It’s difficult to live with bad credit. Insurance, mortgage, personal Loans and credit cards are becoming more expensive. Not only that—you’ll probably end up paying for a higher rate, in case you decide to move house. When you apply for utilities, the company may ask you to pay a security deposit and charge you with a higher rate. More and more companies will also look into your credit file, as you look for potential lenders.

So, here are the practical reasons why you need to pursue credit repair if you have bad credit:

  • It helps you save money on insurance, consumer credits and personal and business loans.
  • Good credit opens better opportunities for employment, promotion and even salary increases
  • It increases your borrowing power which is very important especially for self-employed individuals or those who are currently engaged in business.

What should I look for in a DIY Credit Repair?

First, a do-it-yourself credit repair kit is far better than hiring a company you’re not sure about. It gives you a degree of control over your credit clean-up process. It also ensures that that you have all the information and tools you need to repair your credit.

Here are the top features of a do it yourself repair kit that works:

Helps you understand how credit report repairing process works.

There are detailed explanations in the DIY credit repair repair kit about what you can do, and your limitations when making a dispute. For example, you have the right to file a dispute to the credit bureau or to the credit provider regarding inaccurate information on your credit file.

Provide information about the items that should not appear in your Credit Report.

It is illegal for your utility providers, creditors and even the bureau to put items that are not allowed by law to be included in your credit file. If an entry has nothing to do with your credit worthiness, like medical information it has to be removed. Your sexual preference, religion, ethnicity, race and even your marital status are banned items which must be excluded from your credit history.

It teaches you how to Access your Credit Report for Free

A step which is vital in repairing your credit. The repair kit provides steps on tracking your credit score from major credit reporting bureaus such as Experian and Equifax. The kit outlines your score and helps you determine if there are entries that you can repair.  Entries may include inaccurate or erroneous information due to identity theft or fraud. Similar issues like a debt which is inaccurate or does not belong to you reported by a credit provider also have to be removed.

It helps you fix your Credit Report on your own

DIY Clean Credit repair kit for example, provides a list of the right contacts. First, you will be directed to the credit reporting agency that listed the false information. You need to contact them so that they can remove inaccurate information or duplicate information at no cost to you. The kit also includes steps on how to dispute the error, how to provide corrected information to the company and what supporting documents to send. The credit reporting agency will investigate your claim and you will hear about the results within 30 days.

If the investigation didn’t resolve your issues, you can request your letter of dispute to be included in your credit report. Potential lenders and anyone with the authority to access your file will now have record of your story.  You can also file a dispute with the credit provider who submitted the information/. They will conduct and investigation. If it is not yet resolved, an inclusion of your letter of dispute would at least inform other people that you did not agree to the entries.

Learn more about the DIY Clean Credit Repair Kit by making an enquiry today!

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