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best money saving apps australia

Best Money Saving Apps Australia

Do you find it hard to saving money? Are you looking for a simple solution to help you? We break down our top 3 best money saving apps Australia!

There is an app for just about everything these days. Helpfully, this includes a huge array of apps designed to help you save money. Forget poring over a physical spreadsheet or even one in excel. The very best money saving apps Australia are here to make your efforts at savings significantly easier. 

There are so many ways to save. Buying second hand, avoiding credit card interest, reviewing phone and utilities providers etc. Ultimately though it comes down to spending less, it can be a challenge to stay on top of your everyday spending. Thankfully with the addition of a money saving app, it’s much easier to track. 

Our review of three of the best money saving apps will help you find the best one for your situation. For saving and budgeting, here are our top picks.

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Why Use A Money Saving App?

There are so many benefits of using an intelligent money saving app. Some you may not have even considered. The best money saving apps can help you to optimise your savings by:

  • Having easy visibility to refer back to your budget and goals. Literally in the palm of your hand wherever you go.
  • Syncing to your bank account.
  • Reviewing the categories of your spend to find areas you can cut back in
  • The ability to set spending limits for those short on self-control.
  • Enabling push notifications that alert you when you are exceeding your set spend limits.
  • Overviews of your weekly, fortnightly and monthly spend.
  • Bill notifications and reminders. No more missed payments and late fees. Helping keep your credit score healthy
  • Providing income vs spending reports.

Sorting faded receipts retrieved from your wallet, glove compartment, bag and random drawers is a thing of the past. Using an app you are more likely to succeed with your savings goals it takes minimal time and effort with much more accurate results.  

What To Look For In A Money Saving App

There is an incredible number of money saving apps Australia to choose from, how do you know which one to pick? Many of them offer a lot of similarities, but some offer added extras, such as the ability to invest. Finding the best money saving apps can be hard, but here’s what you should try to look for:

  1. Add free, the last thing you need is pop-ups trying to sell you things.
  2. Sync’s with your bank account, credit cards, bills and any loans for real-time, automated tracking.
  3. Is easy to navigate and makes sense to you. If it’s too complicated you’ll be unlikely to continue using it. 
  4. Has a clear, visual snapshot of your savings and tracking. Data is great, but it needs to be easily digested and understood to be useful. 
  5. Security encryption. As with any finance app from banking to accounting, it needs to be secure and protect your privacy. 
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Best Money Saving Apps Australia

1. Pocketbook

One of the best money saving apps, Pocketbook makes tracking your expenses a breeze. This handy little app has an automatic sync feature that quite literally captures it all. Pocketbook is marketed as a ‘personal accountant for your money’, and it delivers. Pocketbook:

  • Syncs your accounts as well as credit cards, loans, bills and more. 
  • Categorises your spending to make it easy to see where you can make cuts and save.
  • In-depth FAQ section to ensure you’re fully supported to get the most from the app.
  • Securely encrypted for your safety
  • Is FREE

2. Moneytree

Moneytree also tracks every aspect of your spending. Not only can you link your bank accounts, loans, cash spend and digital money – but your reward points too! If you’re someone who loves to leverage their rewards points, this app will even alert you when they’re due to expire. Ensuring you get the most from what you have available in any account, any time. Moneytree:

  • Syncs your accounts as well as credit cards, loans, bills and more. 
  • Can be linked to reward card accounts such as Myer One and frequent flyer accounts.
  • Allows you to export the data to a spreadsheet if needed.
  • Has brightly coloured, easy to read graphics.
  • Is FREE.

3. Raiz

Raiz is primarily geared as a micro-investment app but does also facilitate savings. Best suited for those who want to invest their savings, it allows you to invest spare change ’roundups, recurring investments, rewards and lump sum deposits. Raiz:

  • Combines saving with investing in one easy platform.
  • Has bank-level encrypted security.  
  • Uses ‘round-up’ technology to help you save and have funds free to invest.
  • Is FREE for the savings features, the investment platform does have a monthly subscription cost. 

Savings Simplified

Technology has made our lives so much easier and using the best money saving apps helps you leverage this tech. Tracking your expenses in real-time can help you stay ahead by avoiding debt and keeping your credit score healthy. Preparing you for a successful financial future. 

If you want to take control of your finances but are concerned about your credit score then Contact Clean Credit here.  We can help to repair your credit and clear the way for you to save and get back on track.

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