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Clean Credit Pty Ltd is a trusted and well established credit repair and restoration provider. Our point of difference is that we genuinely care that every customer receives the attention and care needed to get the best credit score results.
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Clean Credit removes defaults, court judgments, and black marks from your credit file. We provide credit repair solutions so that you can regain financial flexibility. Improve your credit score and get the loans you need when you need them.

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Have you had a loan application denied? Is your credit history impaired? Repair credit with Clean Credit. We have helped thousands of Australians improve their credit scores. Our experienced, understanding team of credit repair specialists can quickly assess your financial situation and with the goal to provide an individually tailored solution.
We understand that your credit history is just that, history and may not accurately reflect your ability to pay back finance. We want to give you the best chance possible of obtaining finance. A default, court judgment or black mark should not stop you from obtaining the finance you may need right now, or in the future. Fix credit score with Clean Credit and take a positive step towards taking financial control. Click the button below to speak to a specialist and receive credit repair assistance.

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Success rate valid from 1 July 2020

Success rate of removals 87%
Success rate of removals 95%
Bank records
Success rate of removals 98%
Court judgements
Success rate of removals 84%

Clean Credit can help remove:

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Defaults are essentially late payments listed on your credit history that can negatively affect your ability to get a loan. We work to remove these, to improve your rating to prospective lenders.

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Court judgments

A court judgement on your credit file can indicate high risk and shows you were not able to repay your credit provider or come to an agreement without legal action.

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Black marks

Black marks on your file range from credit defaults to applications and a range of activities that imply a credit risk. We can help to remove these so you are more likely to obtain finance with a clear credit report.

Australians choose Clean Credit for genuine credit repair

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We get great results

Good business means great service and results. Our credit repair specialists will get to know your credit situation. Our team are authentic, compassionate and very experienced in credit file repair.



We work closely with Credit Reporting Bodies such as Equifax, Illion, and Experian to effectively repair your credit rating, so you are able to obtain finance if you need it.

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Trusted in credit repair

As a trusted credit repair company, we are confident that we can fix your credit score. That’s why our removal fee is only charged if we are successful in providing you with a clear credit file.

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Genuine and transparent

Our caring team of credit repair specialists are honest, genuine and transparent. We’ll let you know how we can help fix bad credit and what steps to take to repair your credit file.

Credit Repair frequently asked questions

We are here for Australians in this time, as much as ever, to get your credit rating in the best possible shape. Our hours and service have not changed. Remember, we are all in this together.

As far as our day to day operations, our expert specialised team, for the health and wellbeing of staff and the community, is working in part in the head office and in part at home. The team are connected to our secure, central server which is located in our head office. Your information is stored safely and securely on this protected server.

Each Clean Credit team member has been equipped with a workstation and telephone in their home, just as they would in the main office so that they are able to attend to your file during this current health and financial crisis.

If you are having issues with getting loan or finance approved, we strongly recommend reaching out to us, to assess and look ito the possibility of repairing your credit file. 

Having a high credit score gives you a lot more credit and finance options, generally with much lower interest rates, and this is especially important when you don’t know what is around the corner. We are in uncharted waters with the current COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic and each day the news is different. So, as we navigate through these difficult times, we are doing all we can to help our customers improve their credit score and removed incorrect or unlawful listings.

Credit repair is the process with the goal to improve an individual’s credit report. This can be accomplished through removing or changing adverse listings from the individual’s file that were incorrectly placed. With a better score, you are a more attractive candidate for lenders and more likely to be approved for a loan or finance. 

During times of financial uncertainty, such as the current COVID19 pandemic, it is very important to get and keep your credit rating in good order. If you need to borrow to get you and your family through tough times ahead, you have financial options in the form of credit file repair.

The last thing you need during a crisis is a poor track record, which would limit your ability to apply for finance when you need it most.

Paying an overdue account will not remove the default. Once a listing is made it will be recorded on your file for years. Even if you pay the debt, the listing will remain on your file. Whilst it is important to keep track of any debt, from a rating perspective the issue is not always resolved once the debt is paid.

A default will stay on your file for 5 years. This default will remain on your credit file if your payment of $150 or more is overdue by 60 days or more. 

Generally speaking, paying or settling a default won’t remove that default, but your file should be updated to reflect the fact that you have paid it.

If you have a default on your credit file then it is important to repair credit before applying for a loan. This way, you can apply with confidence and also receive lower interest rates.

  • Court judgments and credit enquiries will remain on your credit file for 5 years.

  • Court writs and summons stay on your credit file for 4 years.

  • Bankruptcy, Part 9 Debt Agreements, and Clearouts are kept on your credit file for 7 years.

  • External administration & previous directorships remain for 10 years.

Defaults we can help remove

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Credit repair & rating check in Australia

Clean Credit is a trusted and transparent credit repair company based in Australia. Through our compassionate team of credit repair specialists, we have helped many Australians to fix bad credit rating and improve their credit score. If you have been rejected for a loan or want to improve your credit score, call Clean Credit today for a credit repair consultation. Our goal is to help you restore your credit history, through trusted and proven strategies. Enquire below to receive credit file repair and get loans and credit cards approved again.

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